Jean Bertrand Forasté

3rd Great Grandfather

Not Known

March 17th 1790 - January 12th 1860
Born in Mauleon Barousse, Department Hautes Pyrenees, France
Died in Toulouse, France.

Jean Bertrand Forasté was born March 17th 1790 Baptism Record to an Unknown Father and Alexandrine Forasté

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Bertrand Married Jeanne Seilhan Febuary 27th 1824. Marriage Records
The Couple had Ten Children.
Bertrand and his family is listed on the Census of 1836 for Mauleon Barousse, France.
Bertrand Died January 12th 1860. Death Record

Family Born Record Link
Jeanne Seilhan about 1804
Marianne Jeanne Forasté June 2nd 1825 Birth Record
Jean Jacques Forasté March 20th 1827 Birth Record  Death Record
Jacques Pascal Forasté April 11th 1830 Birth Record
Louis Moÿse Forasté Feburary 21st 1833 Birth Record
Jeane Marie Forasté September 8th 1835 Birth Record
Jean Marie Theodore Forasté June 24th 1838 Birth Record
Jacques Marie Sirile Forasté July 13th 1840 Birth Record  Death Record
Jean Marie Emond Forasté November 22nd 1842 Birth Record
Marie Virginie Forasté November 12th 1845 Birth Record
Louise Marie Justine Forasté August 16th 1848 Birth Record  Death Record

note: The above records are from Mauleon Barousse, Department Hautes-Pyrenees, France. They are in French.

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