Gaspar Falcon




May 29th 1752 - 1812
Born in Los Llanos de Telde,Gran Canaria,Canary Islands,Spain
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Died in Ascension Parish, Louisiana

Emigration: BACHELORS AND MARRIED RECRUITS WITH THEIR FAMILIES WHO EMBARKED ON THE FRIGATE SAN IGNACIO DE LOYOLA, SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, OCTOBER 29, 1778 Gaspar Falcon Francisca Mateo, wife Juan, son, 4 Miguel, son, 2 Gaspard Falcon came on the frigate San Ignacio de Loyola with his brother Christobal Falcon which departed October 29, 1778 from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands and landed at the Port of New Orleans. Gaspard Falcon was granted 3 arpents of land on the right side of Bayou Lafourche. By January 1, 1789, Gaspard had 4 quarts of rice, 12 quarts of corn, 4 cattle, and 12 hogs. Residence: Land Grant Notice - 3 March 1793 Juan Truxillo sells to Gaspar Falcon for $200.00, a tract of land containing 3 arpents front, located on the right bank of Bayou Lafourche: bounded by Domingo Chavaille; below by Juan Albarat

Emigration: Since the late 1600s, Spain had encouraged the Canary Islanders to move to the Caribbean colonies. After Spain acquired Louisiana in 1762, it recognized the need to populate the territory. When the Revolutionary War brought the English in conflict with the American colonies, Spain recognized the danger from possible English hostilities in Louisiana. On August 15, 1777, Spain ordered a second battalion be formed in Louisiana. It looked to the Canary Islands for 700 recruits. It tried to get married recruits so that they could not only defend the area, but also populate it. [Din, p. 15] The recruits were required to be from 17 to 36 years old, healthy, without vices, and at least 5' 1/2" tall. Butchers, gypsies, mulattoes, and executioners were not permited to sign up. Though it wasn't in a written agreement, they understand that they were going to stay in Louisiana permanently. The recruits were to receive 45 reales upon signing up and 45 more upon arrival in New Orleans. They also got 1/2 peso a day while waiting to leave. People were also paid for finding these recruits; in fact, they were paid according to the height of the recruits. The payment was: 15 reales if at least 5' 1/2", 30 reales if at least 5' 2", and 45 reales if at least 5' 3". [Din, p. 16] Five of the island sent recruits to Louisiana: Tenerife (about 45%), Gran Canaria (almost 40%), Gomera, La Palma, and Lanzarote. The 700 recruits brought their families, bringing the total number of immigrants to 2,373. The following ships brought the Islenos to Louisiana Emigration: Santisimo Sacramento - 264 passengers - departed July 10, 1778 La Victoria - 292 passengers - departed October 22, 1778 San Ignacio de Loyola - 423 passengers - departed October 29, 1778 San Juan Nepomuceno - 202 passengers - departed December 9, 1778 Santa Faz - 406 passengers - departed February 17, 1779 El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus - 423 passengers - June 5, 1779


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