Germain Savoie


8th Great Grandfather


1654 - 23 Oct 1749
Born in Port Royal, Acadie, New France
other fact
Died in Port Royal, Acadie, New France

Germain was born about 1654 to Francois Savoie and Catherine Lejeune

Family Born Died
Marie dite Vincelotte Breau about 1662
Fran├žois Xavier Savoie about 1684

Plan of Fort at Port Royal, Acadie, New France.
Port Royal A La Cadie
By attributed to Jean de Labat - Archives Canada-France:
From the French Overseas Archive, number FR CAOM 3DFC60B, Public Domain, Link

1678 Acadie Census

States that Germain Savoye and Marie Beraud have 4 acres and 4 cattle

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