Joseph Francois Savoie

Recognized as an Acadian Settler of Louisiana

6th Great Grandfather

Acadian Settler
Acadian Wall

08 Jun 1727 - 22 Dec 1767
Born in Grand Pre, Acadie, New France.
Kicked out of Acadie by the British
Died in Cabanocey, St James Parish, New France.

Joseph was born June 8th 1727 to François Xavier Savoie and Marie Josèphe Richard

Family Born Died
Anne Prejean August 8th 1729 in the Parish of Saint Jean Baptiste, Acadie, New France September 7th 1778
Joseph Francois Savoie II November 4th 1766 in New Orleans, Spanish Louisiana Janurary 30th 1793

Census of 1766

Census of the Early Acadian Settlements in Louisiana

Census around what is now
Edgard, Saint John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana
April 9th 1766

List of the inhabitants on the left bank of the River from
Joseph's Plantation to the village of the Alibanmon Indians.

Joseph Savoie, age 37; Anne Preiean, w 38.

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