Jean Louis Urbain Berthelot

Soldier for the King

5th Great Grandfather

First Ancester
to be born on
the Gulf Coast

12 Aug 1720 - 09 May 1766
Born in Mobile, New France
Died in Edgard, Saint John the Baptist Parish, New France.

Born August 12th 1720 to Urbain Berthelot and Marie Lemire in Mobile, Louisiana Colony, New France.


Family Born Died
Marie Louise Fontenot 1726 in Mobile, Louisiana Colony, New France December 15th 1814
Henry Julian Berthelot about 1751
Marie Theresa Berthelot about 1754
Pierre (Pedro) Medard Berthelot about 1757 August 29th 1827
Yves Berthelot November 3rd 1759 August 4th 1847

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